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  • Updates on Life + MIA!

    How are you? Are you enjoying the amazing spring weather we are having? Are you letting your spring and summer clothes out to breathe? Dusting off your flip-flops? Sourcing a quality sunscreen for everyday use, since we are responsible adults and love our skin? Looking around and appreciating the beauty of all the amazing flowers blooming right now? I confess, I have been (kinda of) avoiding this space lately. At first, not intentionally, and now, it is on purpose. And honestly, it has been a great decision and quite refreshing.

    Don't get me wrong...I love to share, to create, to learn. I love to show bits of my life with you. But, I feel like I haven't been completely honest and "out there". Do I have to be? No, not necessarily. However, lately, I have been wanting to share my joys, my happiness, my new found sense of peace. But something is still holding me back. I am *almost* there, almost. 

    So, in efforts to break loose, I have cut myself some slack. Yep, I am still creating...and finding new sources of inpsiration, especially with the warmer months. With that, a drive to clean this space up, and essentially make it "me" again is if you hear crickets for a while, that is why. I am doing my thing, enjoying life, finding a new rhythm that works for me. 

    As I enter my last month of being 28, I want to reflect. Because, I am happy. And I feel strong. And let me tell you, it has been a long time since I have felt this way. The road still has bumps, and sometimes we trip. Sometimes we fall. But lately, the urge to get back up - no - jump back up, has been easier. Dare I say, it has been good to trip a little, to fall, because I am now in a place where I can learn from these experiences. And that is what life is all about, right? 

    I am so, so excited for the next few months. The warm, festive and love-filled season is kicking off next weekend: my sister and her fiancee are in town for a wedding (that I was also graciously invited to as well-so excited!), one of our cousins is celebrating 30 years on this planet (30 years!!! I just can', and I am traveling to Brazil at the end of June (yep, the Dirty Sifter goes to South America...). And then, somwhere in there, my sister's bachelorette party in August, and her wedding in October. Amazing. It will be a time for so many loved ones to gather from all around, and for me and my main squeeze to get lost on adventures in San Francisco and Oakland together (likely searching for carbs and coffee). I cannot wait. So much love. So much goodness. So many adventures. So much to take in and to enjoy.

    In the meantime, I will be.....

    ....making an absurd amount of scones with rhubarb and buckwheat, since I have finally cracked the scone code! Hint: it involves butter. I currently have a baker's dozen of these triangles of amazing in my freezer. And that makes me super, super happy. 

    Ditto with sourdough. This one is more of an experiment. I am building a healthy relationship with my starter. But I think my SCOBYs are a little jealous.......COOKIES. Because, well, cookies. They are happiness in disc form. Spread the love, share the cookies. Always use the good butter. Always. 

    Kombucha. Because that is what we do around here. It is my other continuous science-project that doesn't require real data gathering, statistical analysis or a thesis to be written. And that is pure joy!COFFEE. I love coffee. Also, almond milk. I got fed up with buying the over-priced shit at the stores (is it really even almonds? Why hasn't the plant-based community rallied and demanded an FDA SOI be in place to protect consumers? Anyone??), and am now making my own almond milk again. It is beautiful. But the pulp still stresses me out. Running and walking. And green smoothies. I know y'all are like that is quite 2010, but really, it makes me feel pretty amazing so....Yogurt. Yep, started eating that again. And I love the shit out of it. I need to start making my own, and experimenting with plant-based varieties because everyone should have some tangy goodness in their lives. Also, smoothies topped with yogurt annnnd homemade granola. Pancakes. Loving this shit out of pancakes recently. My go-to buckwheat recipe is here. Also, my other stand-by, Johnny Cakes, will be revisted soon. With all the amazing summer fruits, cornmeal pancakes are a given.And chocolate. Probably in brownie form. And much, much more. So, here is to wishing your late spring and early summer be filled with sweetness, love, carbs and lots of coffee (probably iced coffee soon!). I'll be back soon, I promise!