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  • Plain Jane Kombucha: Jade Oolong, Golden Yunnan

    Going to admit this...I have been all about the simple lately. Having flown through a whirlwind past 6 months, settling down into my new routine and life has been more than welcome. Not to say the last few months were bad, at all. In fact, they were some of the happiest, richest and enlightening months I have had in...well, years! Kinda scary to say that. With my last move (which was a little bit o' a hot mess, but oddly it seemed meant to be, so I went with it...and not to mention, my parents, aunts, sister and close friends really helped me with the process in immense ways) I have found that adapting to more simple things has come naturally. As has a little less anxiety overall, but, still battling with that demon here and there. Learning about myself and what makes "me" be "me" and not a stressed out, anxiety-driven animal has been an interesting, enlightening process the last month or so...and honestly, I credit being physically removed from the places that I was in during a monumentous change in my life a large part in stepping outside of my normal "self".More than ever, I am learning that if we slow down and listen, SIMPLIFY, we can sense how everything is connected. We are all linked together, and we all have the power to transfer our energy into whatever we touch, be that another human or a physical space. This is powerful stuff...and like this, I think that admiring the art and history and culture of what we know as kombucha brewing by sharing, linking nuturing SCOBYs, is power in a certain right. It is life, and it is alive. The SCOBYs are alive! Growing, not always the same each cylce, sometimes weak, sometimes strong, but still present. Ok, so likening life to SCOBYs may be a little too weird, but, I digress...I still think it holds merit on many levels. Simplifying has felt good, and with our LAST full moon in full effect for the northern hemisphere's winter season, simplifying has allowed for a certain level of realease. So with that, simple kombucha. I have been brewing my batches with 3 TB of tea, and 3/4 cups sugar. Adding in 1 to 2 cups strong starter liquid, either from the top of the last batch, or from the hotel, or a mixture of both. It all works the same, but results in a unique brew nonetheless. My last two teas of choice were Rishi's Golden Yunnan (a robust black tea hailing from China), and Jade Oolong (a grassy, floral, yet roasty tea also from Taiwan). These teas are so tasty alone, that I really didn't want to muck around too much with infusions...so, plain jane or very simple flavors were the name of the game. I infused one liter bottle of the Jade oolong kombucha with fresh slices of organic ginger, and one with 1 tsp dried hibiscus flowers. For the golden yunan, I left that plain...but then added in the peels of organic mango (not pictured with the mango). I cant get over the rich color of the kombucha brewed with this black tea! Amazing.So with that, cheers! And I hope the last grips of winter find you as warm as you can be, and with the forward looking hope for the spring we are all craving. A new start, a new season, and new energy. Bring it on!