• Meyer Lemon + Thyme Green Tea Kombucha

    This one is for the winter drearies, the cold mornings that need a little zip, and the afternoons that need some zing. 

    The primary fermentation was done with 4 TB Rishi Jade Cloud, steeped for 7 minutes with water that was around ~180F. My SCOBYs love, love, love green tea for some reason, so have been keeping them happy with lots of it during the colder months!

    This batch took about 10 days to ferment, after which I infused it with what I had in my fridge: meyer lemon and fresh thyme! What a combination...I loved the sweet-acidic bite of the meyer lemon. The thyme was almost savory, and a good contrast with the florar character of the meyer lemon. But of course, regular lemon will work too. Not sure if I would try this with another base-kombucha. I liked the lightness of the green tea kombucha, and feel that an oolong or black tea would cover the delicate flavors of this infusion. But, like I say, it is YOUR kombucha! You do what you like :)

    I used about 1 slice per liter, and 2 sprigs of fresh thyme. Good call, good call. Will certainly repeat this flavor infusion!

    Bubbly, fizzy, bright...Perfect for a cold February day!